Short Fiction

From un-neighbourly wizards, to body horror at the beach, to road trips with unknowable evil, if it crawls, hungers, or slithers, you'll find it here.

Leadbitter House

After inheriting a spooky old house from his Aunt, Elijah has to deal with the real horrors. Like finding a supermarket that delivers.
Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology 

Darlin' You're My World

A scenic drive through the outback with an unspeakable horror in the passenger seat.
The Monsters We Forgot Anthology [Amazon!]

Banksia Men

On a nude beach north of Sydney, Jack finds his appetite.

Monsters Out of the Closet Podcast
Transcendent Transgressions: Dark Visions of Transgender Artists

Bin Night

There's more to wizardry than Very Large Hats, you know.
Monsters Out of the Closet Podcast